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CE ETA Label example on Asroflame EU fire products

Passive Fire Protection and CE Ratings

The 'CE' label on a product shows that it has been assessed to high safety, health, and environmental protection standards prior to sale in the European Economic Area (EEA).

This site describes Astroflame's CE labeled passive fire protection products. Please note: not all fire protection products have to be CE marked.

CE marking does not replace EN or BS standards tests and often incorporates them in the European Technical Assessment (ETA) process to ensure that a product is 'fit for purpose'.

The ETA's a product is subject to are stated on the CE label - see illustration opposite.

Supporting Documentation

Where a product requires an ETA the manufacturer must make a Declaration of Performance (DoP) stating how the product performed in relevant tests.

Together with a DoP a Certificate of Constancy of Performance (CoC) is published for each product. The CoC is a signed undertaking that the product, for however long it is in production, will be manufactured to achieve the performance stated in the DoP.

The regulations require a copy of the DoP of each product to be supplied either in paper form or by electronic means or on a website.

This website has a page for each CE labeled Astroflame product with links to a DoP, a CoC and additional technical and installation information.

Top Selling CE Products

Astro PFP Pipe Closer

Astro PFP Pipe Closer
CE & UKCA Marked

Trade & Wholesale Prices Available

Fire Sealing In All Types of Constructions Pipe Systems. Fire classifications up to 240 minutes for both integrity and insulation. Size range 32mm to 315mm.

Astro X Series CE Pipe Wrap Product

Astro X Series CE Pipe Wrap

Trade & Wholesale Prices Available

These Pipe Wraps can be installed in flexible wall, rigid wall, rigid floor constructions and with Batt systems. Compatible with PP, PE, PVC pipes. Sizes 32mm to 200mm diameter.

Intumescent Acoustic Mastic  Product

Intumescent Acoustic Mastic CE Marked

Trade & Wholesale Prices Available

To reinstate the fire resistance of wall and floor constructions in linear joints and where apertures are penetrated by multiple services. Brown, Grey or White. CE Marked and ULEU Accreditation.

Fire Resistant Batt CE Marked

Fire Resistant Batt CE Marked

Trade & Wholesale Prices Available

Fire Resistant Board for sealing service penetrations in walls or floors. Provide high levels of fire integrity and insulation. CE and UL-EU Accreditation.

There is more information on Astoflame product certification here - Third Party Product Certification:

Astroflame fire testing certification

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